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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  August 24, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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arraigned. >> we understand the suspect wants a respected leader in the community. >> reporter: now facing some serious charges. e we picked up this criminal complaint that gave us disturbing details into the alleged assault. this all started in 2008. a once trusted and dedicated scout master here at the council was arrested today and charged with having sexual contact with e three minors over a serve-year period. >> it's close to home. i grew up down the street. that's pretty crazy to even think about doing that. >> he e knows the accused scout master. >> i'm a pretty good judge of character. >> lehigh county detectives started investigating in march after receiving information from
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the office of children and youth services. the assault took place inside pillars home and at camp trex ler. >> he shouldn't be around kids at all. i don't know what people go through that kind of stuff. >> she lives across the street and says this is a family neighborhood with lots of kids. >> the trail's kocouncil releas a statement saying the behavior included thoo n these allegations is abhorrent and runs counter to everything in which the boy scouts for america stands. and they wept on to say he's no longer a member of the boy scouts and this evening he is out on bond. he's scheduled to reappear in court. >> several viral videos showing
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high school cheerleaders being force z into splits have caught the eye of the police. a warning you may find this difficult to watch. you can hear the cheerleader screaming. denver police are now investigating a total of eight videos similar to this one. they show a newly hired cheer coach pushing girls into the split position. >> he was pushing like with his other knee on my back to try to keep my posture straight. >> the school district placed the coach and high school principal on leave. the superintendent says the district prohibits anything that puts students' health in jeopardy. nbc 10 showed this video to a local cheerleading coach to get reaction on whether the coach went too far. deanna durante will have that part of the story at u 430. it's game night in south philadelphia.
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your official station of the philadelphia eagles. the birds will face-off three hours. a live look inside lincoln financial field from our camera. a beautiful afternoon. the only place where you'll will able to watch all of tonight's action and tonight the final preseason game here at home. >> it's the last dress rehearsal before the regular season. keith jones is live along the sidelines at the link kicking off our team coverage. >> reporter: a beautiful day for the birds last home preseason game. a real difficult situation. a location facing the eagles sideline. the dolphins are on this side. the gates opened to fans just under two hours. parking lots are starting to fill up. we are are raring to go. let's move off the field to tim furlong is live outside the link in south philadelphia. it's a thursday. it's the preseason, but fans are starting to show up. what's it like out there. >> this is a good preseason
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game. this is the best of them all. this is when the starters play the most. this is the parking lot to the holiday inn. a lot of people starting to leave the phillies game. a lot of eagles alumni will be here in a little while as parking lot of youth of america. we'll explain that later. it will be here soon. i'm glad i had all these fans to talk to about what they expect from the eagles. >> the best place to find eagles fans. how about an afternoon phillies game. full of fans more than willing to ep tell you what they want to see tonight. >> a little more offense. >> i'd like to see more passes to torrey smith him involved in the game. jeffrey needs to be a little more active. >> mike wants the aens to the same e question we all have. >> carson wentz going to be the quarterback of the future. >> bloupt looked slow in the
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preseason and coach peterson hasn't used him the way the patriots did last year. >> i don't know why we're running blount outside. run up the middle. open field, more of that tonight. >> you can see them setting up for the youth of america tailgate event here. they are going to be here a little to explain that. but really talk about a great night for nfl preseason footb l football. a nice breeze. not too hot or humid. it's perfect out here now. just outside center field at the ballpark, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> i'll take it any day of the week. the weather is perfect. just comfortable. we'll be getting ready for the next three hours. one of the newest members, why it was four months in the making. let's go inside to nbc 10 meteorologist erika martin who
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is live with us with a winning forecast. we hope at least. >> it is a winning forecast. satellite and radar image, everything is high and dry. that's the story for the eagles game. look at these temperatures. absolutely sublime for tonight. low humidity as we saw already really comfortable day all around. we're seeing 77 degrees at 9:00 p.m. we're seeing mostly clear to clear skies. 74 there. 11:00 p.m., 69 degrees. a very comfortable stretch. dew points are low. so a very mild afternoon and mild evening in the forecast. so enjoy because we have this area of high pressure. i'll see you guys in just a bit with your most accurate frat. >> looking forward to that. you're just getting started here. we'll be getting you ready for game time. at 4:30 a fallen soldier, four
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months long in the making. aundrea cline-thomas will break down the new report about the event the impact impact will have. you can watch the birds and dolphins here on nbc 10. the official station of your philadelphia eagles. our live coverage starts tonight at 6:00 with myself and john clark. we'll have exclusive interviews with the team followed by kickoff at 7:00. you can still catch prime time programming on cozy tven tonight. for now, let's send it back inside to rosemary connors and jim rosenfield. we'll see you at 4:30. >> looking forward to it. thank you. now we're following a developing story along the texas gulf coast. at least two cities are ordering
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mandatory evacindications. this as hurricane harvey approaches. >> a big impact expected there. the entire area is under a storm watch. here's a live look at texas. some clouds and sun right now. the national weather service expects harvey to become a category three hurricane before it makes landfall. people are racing to get ready. forecasters warned this storm has potential to bring winds over 110 miles per hour. ed they are urged to leave low lying areas. >> i'm not going to have risk our police and fire people trying to drag out of the house. >> it would be the first hurricane to hit the coastline in nearly 15 years. let's take a look at the radar.
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meteorologist erika martin is back with more on harvey's expected path. it's turning in the golf. it's not expected to become a category three. let's take a look at some of the facts as far as hurricane harvey is concerned. 325 miles southeast of port o'connor in texas. it's moving a at 10 miles per hour. maximum wind speeds at 85 miles per hour. this is still a category one. it's turning in the gulf. it has not made landfall. the gulf is very hot with sea surface. temperatures in the 80s to low 90s. so this has plenty of fuel to sustain it. we'll be tracking this for you.
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if you follow us on social media, we'll have more information there. back to you. >> today marks 25 years since hurricane andrew barrelled through south florida. the storm made landfall in the middle of the night. 65 people died and caused $26 million in damage. "nbc nightly news" with lester holt will be live in the path of hurricane harvey. that comes up tonight at 6:30. that's verizon 460. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with a south jersey sailor being remembered by his friends and family today. >> the navy confirmed cherry hill native kenneth smith died on board the u.s.s. john mccain when it collided with an oil tanker off the coast of
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singapore. nine other soldiers still missing. the navy called off the search now. lauren mayk is live in cherry hill where the mayor is thanking smith for his service. >> i spent the day talking to people who knew and loved kenny smith. they wanted others to know the kind of person and friend he was. if they needed somebody to talk to in the middle of the night, he would be there. if things were going bad, he would find a way to make you smile. on the u.s.s. john mccain, kenneth smith was an electronics technician. but back home, gary miller says kenny was a friend anyone was lucky to know. >> as a friend, kenny was no judgment. he was there by your side no matter what. >> reporter: the two men in his class and served in air patrol together and when the young sailor e deployed, e he shared adventures with friends back in new jersey. >> he loved it.
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he was telling me about how they were all over the world. he was learning new cultures and experiencing different things. >> he left an impression along those he met along his journey. >> he was sitting at our lunch table and made everyone laugh. >> reporter: here are all three together. their generous friend trying to help after she was in a car accident. >> i had had to e repeatedly tell him no because he was trying to send me money all the time. >> reporter: his friends aknew e always planned to go into the navy. kenneth was a great young man, son and sailor. he truly loved his family, the navy and his shipmates. i'm incredibly proud of his service to our country. he will be greatly mised and i am thankful we had 22 wonderful years together. when gary miller heard he was
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missing, he says he messaged his friend to tell him this. >> i know you're probably out there, buddy. if you are alive, i hope that you can come back to us very soon. but if not, i hope you're watching over us and i just want you to know that i love you and that we're all going to miss you. >> reporter: this has been such tough news. they were hoping when he was missing that he would be found to be okay and come home to them. family and friends said after the navy he planned to go into video game development. i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> a boy who shot himself in the face inside his home in south philadelphia. the grandfather told us the gun did not have a safety lock and was not put away. the 11-year-old boy is in stable
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condition after the shooting ob hicks street. he got ahold of the gun and shot had himself in a bedroom. there were four other kids inside the house at the time. neighbors are stunned. >> my reaction is that's scary that a dhield has access to a handgun that isn't locked up. >> i feel sorry for the parents going through that. >> no charges will be filed against the gun's owner. >> city of philadelphia wants to hear your opinion on what should happen to the statue of former mayor frank rizzo. it's now accepting ideas from the public on the statue's future. there have been renewed calls to tear it down. those coming from people who allege he treated the black community unfairly during his time as police commissioner and mayor. they targeted the statue and also rizzo's mural in recent weeks and the controversy was
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all reignited after this month's violent protests over that statue in charlottesville, virginia. the city says it will be up to the arts commission to relocate the statue. for information on how to weigh in, log on to >> the case against the man accused in a road rage murder in chester county is moving forward. the suspect waived his arraignment today. he opened fire as both were trying to merge along route 100. one of the bullets hit her and killed her. she had just graduated from high school and set to attend jacksonville university this fall. several groups in delaware launch ed an online survey to better understand how people feel about police and the criminal justice system. it focuses on issues like mutual understanding between law enforcement and the community. the lauquality of life of offic
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and level of satisfaction and trust communities have with police. we tend to rely on statistics to indicate whether or not we are successful in what we are doing. if crime is down, we tend to say we're doing an excellent job. but is that really an accurate measure? >> the results will be used to identify specific issues that should be looked into further. with kids heading back to class, camden schools are se celebrating some progress. school officials and staff observed a recent dramatic drop in student suspensions. camden has been using alternatives to suspensions and they include giving teachers tools to deescalate confrontations and a calming room to help students manage behavioral issues before they turn into a problem. >> it past year we had a 53% decrease in students being
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suspended and 89% in our high schools. >> school district officials say the new approach is designed to keep students in the build. ing rather than sending them out into the streets for days at a time. a single powerball ticket among the millions sold across the country has made one woman really rich this afternoon. >> she brought the ticket in massachusetts. it's 90 miles outside of boston. her tickets of the only one to match all five numbers and the powerball. it's worth more than $758 million. the winner purchased her ticket at the pride market and gas station. she got it yesterday afternoon. she's a hospital worker and says she chose the winning numbers based on her family's birth date. the prize is the largest win on a single ticket in north american history. the winner chose to take a lump sum payment and that means she's going home with $336 million after taxes.
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it's starting to sink in. >> last night i didn't realize i won. today as i'm driving here, thissen isn't true. it can't be. and then now it's like i am a winner. and i'm scared. but i'll be okay. >> i'm guessing i'm going to come out with it so everybody can start asking me for money. the first thing she wants to do is sit back and relax. she's already called work to let them know she won't be returning. >> we had some winners around here. a $2 million ticket was bought in pennsylvania but not in our area. there were four million dollar tickets sold. someone struck it rich at a 7-eleven on street road wuk. s county. and another ticket came from the cedar crest boulevard in allentown. and coupumberland county was onf two places to sell a
4:19 pm
million-dollar ticket. they are on route 47 in the dorchester section and since opening, this is the first big win for the store and the excitement is through the roof. >> i jumped up from the bed. i thought it was $700 million ticket. then they told me in new jersey and we got selected. >> maybe you bought your tickets at this gays station. someone bought a $50,000 ticket in delaware. so you might want to check your numbers. here they are again. the powerball of 4. rosemary connors is not checking
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any ticket. >> i didn't win. i will say this. back to the woman in massachusetts. i think for people buying tickets, you're thinking about what am i going to buy or charity. it's also telling your boss i'm not coming back. >> e we know what rosemary connors would do. >> no, i would still be here. let's talk about the weather. it doesn't get better than days like today. a beautiful day with a light breeze in south philadelphia. meteorologist erika martin is tracking the pleasant weather for us. >> we have a gorgeous day all around. a gorgeous evening as well. this is going to continue for the next several days. satellite and radar picking up on not much around here. that's because we have a massive area of high pressure sitting right over canada. this is our weather maker. it's going to continue to be our weather maker for the next several days. plan all your activities outdoors if possible. your neighborhood headlines include in and. around the philly metro area.
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mostly clear night. very comfortable temperatures. mainly in the 60s. however, north and west of philadelphia we're seeing a cooler, chillier night with overnight lows in the 50s and some predawn showers. i will show you in our hour by hour forecast. we're seeing some broken clouds. a quiet and calm conditions as far as the winds are concerned. while temperatures will mainly be in the 60s along the jersey shore. a live look outside. we're seeing a few clouds out there. just a very great evening all around. current temperatures this had and around philadelphia seeing lots of low 80s. parkside currently at 83 degrees. we have chestnut hill cooler at 77 degrees. ann do ra currently at 79 degrees. slightly cooler. temperatures. we have walnut at 77. white hall at 78.
4:22 pm
bethlehem at 79 degrees. and down to the jersey shore, we're seeing a few more clouds there. temperatures mainly in the 80s. summers point, 81 degrees along the courthouse. and atlantic city currently at 76 degrees. these are the chillier temperatures for tonight and the lehigh valley. you're expected overnight low with mostly clear skies for tonight. toast tall at 56 degrees. 62 for philadelphia. in just a bit, i'll show you that hour by hour forecast with the predawn showers for the lehigh valley. >> we have all heard practice makes perfect. >> a cheerleading exercise has parents and coaches questioning how much is too much. still ahead at 4:00, why the splits have social media split over the pressure put on young athletes. praying on a nonprofit. for the third time in several
4:23 pm
months, crooks cause chaos at a local charity home building site. what they took that didn't belong to them and what you can do to help, next. and this is no child's play. the search for the young suspect who tried to blow up a south philadelphia restaurant. that's next on nbc 10 news at 4:00. ♪
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sglrvel new video shows an explosion inside a restaurant. police are looking for the vandals that tossed an explosive device inside. this happened two weekends ago at the dragon city restaurant. police say the suspect is lucky. we have details on that coming up all new at 5:00. a woman is suing the owners of a texas parking garage after her car fell seven stories and smashed to the ground below. >> take a look at this video. we have shown it on nbc 10. you see the car free falling after the woman pressed the gas.
4:27 pm
a month later the driver is falling a lawsuit. she claims the parking structure was not safe and they ignored laws. she's seeking more than a million dollars in damages. the owner of the garage hung up on nbc news and has not returned other calls for comment. nbc 10 get iting you ready r game night. >> keith jones is live at lincoln financial field. kickoff in about two and a half hours. >> reporter: that's right, we are gearing up for game three of the preseason. taking you behind t saenhe scen the dolphins and eagles game. i'll be back with an unforgettable moment from the nfl draft right here in philadelphia. plus a painful position or routine exercise. coaches weigh in. that's next at 4:00. shut it down. that's what one congressman says after last week's septa train crash. it's all new at 5:00. we just moved in about four months ago,
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but the living room's pretty blank. it's really nice when clients come in and have done some of their own research. working with a bassett designer was really easy.
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just kind of ties in very well. we love it! it's a response earlier we showed you the video from a cheerleading camp at denver of a girl being forced to a painful position. >> it has many people talking. e we decided to get reaction from local coaches about whether they think this exercise goes too far. deanna durante spoke with one local coach about the viral video and joins us live from montgomeriville. >> we contacted coaches who work
4:32 pm
all over the area and they tell us what they saw in this video was not a form of exercise, they said it was a form of abuse. you can see the young girl being held down despite her pleading to stop and let go, no one does. mike sl a long time coach in montgomeriville and splits is what he teaches, but never like this. >> it's very unsafe. not only for the kids physically but mentally as well. >> reporter: valdez thought what he was seeing was at a private gym. not a public school cheerleading squad in denver, colorado. >> my thoughts are this is horrible. it shouldn't be treating anybody like this. >> when we reached out, awful and disturbing is how they described what they saw. when they look ed at this video. when we asked them about the coach's claims, he was taught this move, valdez has this to say. >> that is is a form of abuse. itten shouldn't be placed on any individual whatsoever.
4:33 pm
>> you as a parent should be comfortable. if you do, need to have a conversation with that coach or that facility. reporting live, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> a lot of people talking about this. and the response to this story is split on social media with some people saying it's just a routine exercise, but you can join the conversation and share your comments ob our nbc 10 facebook page. we have this just in. septa is making several changes at 69th street terminal. the trends in agency has e lowered the speed limit into the station from 55 miles per hour to 30. and the speed limit right outside the station has dropped from 30 to 15 miles per hour. nearly three dozen people were hurt when a speed line train slammed into an empty park train here on tuesday early in the morning. septa says it's inspected the rail line's fleet and found no
4:34 pm
issues. a local congressman is making a push of the lines shut down. that story is new at 5:00. a look from high above lincoln financial field. philly loves its football. the nfl draft in april proved that. >> let's go inside the link and join keith jones. he's live along the sidelines. a new report shows the draft was a huge win for the city. >> reporter: no question about it. organizers for the draft hope it would bring $80 million in r revenue to the city. according to a study by temple sports industry, research center that figure was actually about $ $15 million more. an estimated $95 million economic impact for the city. that's not all the draft helped create. it made an unforgettable moment for mickey and her son chris. they announced the eagles selection, a second round pick
4:35 pm
to the draft met carr carr the morning of that pick. he's a a surviving son of a lieutenant killed in action in afghanistan. being at that draft is something they will never forget. >> it was incredible there. the fans, philly, just giving so much energy for a philly hero. it was like another welcome home for him. >> how about this? on tuesday the eagles invited mickey chris to the complex. they got a chance to meet the man whose name they called sydney jones. sydney signed autographs and brought the special story full circle. lauren mayk will have so much more on this story tonight at 6:00 on our eagles preseason special. and you can watch the birds take on the dolphins right here on nbc 10. the official station of your philadelphia eagles. our live coverage starts at 6:00. myself and john clark, look forward to exclusive interviewed
4:36 pm
with fletcher cox and kickoff at 7:00. tell your friends and family members you can still catch nbc's prime time programming on cozy tv tonight. that's channel 248. for now let's go back inside to jim rosenfield and rosemary connors in the studios. i'll see you next time at 5:00. >> see you soon. here's a look at the other stories we're following county by county at 4:00. lehigh county, dog owners rejoin. allentown is getting its first dog park. that is being built on the parkway near the intersection of dixon street. there will be two pens, one for smaller dogs and one for the bigger ones spread over two acres. it should be ready for your pooch by next year. in montgomery county, residents will have the opportunity to talk to their congressman tonight. he will be speaking at reform
4:37 pm
congregation in al convince park. it's own to the community and runs from 7:00 to 8:00 this evening. praying on a nonprofit. >> crooks have been causing a lot of chaos at a local habitat for humidity construction site. still ahead at 4:00, what the thieves stole that's putting the project in jeopardy. plus are you feeling a little sleepy right now. how your brain may explain the afternoon energy slump.
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more parents are getting the hpv vaccine for their children, but some don't get enough doses. the centers for disease control reports 60% of teens got one doze last year. that's up from 2015, but many aren't completing the vaccination series. they recommend.
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>> do you start to lose emergency in the nild of the day. a study found that the the brain region linked to word processing peaks in the morning and in the evening. but it dips around 2:00 in the afternoon. expert says understanding how the brain works throughout the day could help treating depression, sleep problems and substance abuse. days after wiping her social media account clean, taylor swift is giving fans what they wanted. we'll explain what the picture has to do with it next at 4:00. and i'm tracking a midsummer sweet spot for the upcoming weekend. really comfortable conditions, low dew points, not muggy and lots of sunshine. details in your most accurate forecast. a crook after a car battery is on the run in philadelphia. just ahead at 5:00, the kinds of cars he's targeting and the one thing that's making this crime really easy to commit.
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we have gt some good news for all of the taylor swift fans out there. >> her latest single drops tonight. we don't know much about the sock. but yesterday she posted this picture of the cover for the album called reputation. the full album comes out november 10th. it will be her first in nearly three years. ms. black measuring will be crowned this weekend in philadelphia. this is video from last year's event. contestants arrived this week. they met for brunch this morning. saturday is the big day when the new black america will be crowned. next month a new ms. america will be crowned at boardwalk hall at atlantic city. maria will be among the celebrity judges. the new ms. america will be crowned september 10th. facebook just scored a touchdown with football fans on
4:46 pm
social media site and struck a deal to stream 15 college football games this season. the games will only be seen on facebook, not on television. the first one is september 2nd between marshal and miami of ohio. we all know the importance of a first birthday and that's why the zoo did not skimp on the celebration today for a mommy's birthday. here she is enjoying her cake. digging right on in there licking the frosting off her fingers. then it was on to the presents. the mom lives at the zoo with her two children. a gorgeous night for football. nbc 10 your official station of the eagles. the only place where you'll be able to watch tonight's game against the dolphins. >> meteorologist erika martin is tracking some really pleasant weather for fans and the players out there. >> a nice stretch. >> a really nice stretch. we like that. especially for the next couple days and through this upcoming
4:47 pm
weekend. for tonight's game especially. we do see a northwesterly wind at 14 miles per hour. gusting up to 22 miles per hour. but the winds will start to subside soon enough. current temperatures across the devallaware valley are comforta. we have trenton at 80. atlantic city and vineland, 82 degrees. we have that northwesterly wind. overnight lows for tonight because we will see mostly clear to clear skies across the entire valley. it does look like a chilly night for many. so maybe keep the sweaters handy. especially north and west of the philly metro area. coatesville issed overnight low is 56 degrees. allentown at 57 for you. mount holly also going to be chillier at 57 degrees. wilmington your expected low is 60 degrees. atlantic city also e seeing low 60s.
4:48 pm
trenton, 60 degrees. vineland is expected overnight low 56. mostly clear skies for tonight means any heating we did get goes right back out to the atmosphe atmosphere. that's why we have a chilly night ahead. here's your neighborhood planner. by 11:00 p.m., temperatures are going to be the low 70s. in and around philadelphia. notice we're seeing mostly clear to skeer skies. tomorrow around 3:00 a.m., 66 degrees. a few clouds starting to deve p develop. 74 degrees by tomorrow. lehigh valley, a little chill. and 11:00 p.m., 61 degrees. notice we're seeing a few extra clouds starting to develop. midnight, 64 degrees. new jersey also seeing those chillier nights ahead. 63 degrees and for the jersey shore, we're seeing 65 degrees at 3:00 a.m. i want to show you hour by hour forecasts. we're going to start this at
4:49 pm
4:30 p.m. we do see the northwesterly winds. i want to show you it's going to be a couple showers moving through lehigh value low. let's get this started for you and pause this at 3:00 a.m. we're just seeing some scattered showers moving through mainly for the lehigh valley. it looks like berks county and chester county may see some passing showers. we're talking about predawn showers. that's just about it. everything clears. it's going to be a pretty nice day. 77 on saturday. pretty we're going to keep it in the 70s for the next several days. we don't see 80s making a m kolback until the following thursday. we could be affected by remnants of harvey. i will keep you updated when i see you at 5:00. back to you. next at 4:00, a cruel crime. >> thieves are preying on a south jersey nonprofit. what they are stealing that's putting a family in jeopardy. also look at this.
4:50 pm
punched repeatedly inside his classroom. tonight a teacher is on the mend, but the charges his student is facing. that's at 5:00. that time of year. time is running out for you to shoet vote for our blitz game of the week. right now they have a bit of a lead. cast your vote on or check out the nbc 10 app. you can also call or text your choice to 610-624-4111. we'll announce the winner tonight.
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three times crooks causing
4:54 pm
chaos on a construction sietd. >> they are stealing from habitat for humanity. cydney long shows us when and how the string of crimes played out. >> both of these homes sit right off of tan yard boulevard, but the work right now all the a standstill unless and until the charity can narrow down who cut the chains and stole very valuable construction tools. >> you might as well go to church and take money out of the collection plait. >> the habitat for humanity is run by tony. >> i'm done. >> reporter: that crooks would be so bold to steal power tools from this job site. >> if they took a chop saw and a stand, which is a stand with a saw and it's one that you pull down. >> reporter: in april they smashed windows stealing $2500 worth of tools. in may they used a bolt cut tore break the chain on this tool shed. >> this time something snapped in me. i'm outrage d right now.
4:55 pm
>> reporter: again last night taking $1500 in electric powered nailers, compressors and a chop saw. >> we're changing lives and you're going to take $1,000 worth of tools. >> reporter: more than $5,000 has been taken and work at a standstill for the two homes. this one being built for rosa, a former marine and machine gunner who served four tours in afghanistan. >> this house is for one of our partner families who was just as deserving. low income person, working, single mom. >> reporter: he volunteers his time. he's too upset at this senseless string of crimes. >> anything i can do to. help people, i'm just going to do it. >> reporter: because it's volunteer and not a 40-hour workweek, she believes crooks have been casing the site and know their days off. >> we etched our stuff and sent pictures. they feel if it goes to a pawnshop, they can grab it. their message for thooefs is
4:56 pm
loud and clear. anyone with information on this series of crimes should contact police. i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. next at 5:00, a former boy scout leader turns himself into police. the allegations he sexually abused three boys. what we have learned about the man's past. plus congressman bob brady says he's had it with septa after a crash that injured nearly three dozen people earlier this yeweek. all new at 5:00, the rail line he want thes to see shut down. and we have live behind the scenes coverage of the eagles preseason matchup against the dolphins. i'm keith jones live at the link. the players are starting to take the field now. catch coverage at 5:00.
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saved by. snapchat. how had teped save a victim. >> count down to kickoff. nbc 10 takes you beyond the sidelines as the eagles prepare to face-off with the dolphins. new tonight, congressman bob brady of pennsylvania says he wants the north high speed line shut down after a crash. 18,000 commuters ride that line every day to work. good evening, i'm rosemary connors. >> and i'm jim rosenfield. 32 people were hurt when their train crashed into that terminal
5:00 pm
in upper darby tuesday morning. erin just spoke with congressman brady about the demand to make the rail sailor. >> septa now telling us it's making major changes to the speed limits on the line. from the last day, it's dropping the speed by 25 miles an hour also dropping it another 15 miles an hour right outside the station to the terminal. as for bob brady, he's demanding answers on the crash and he's demanding them yesterday. >> do you believe this line should be shut down for now until we figure out what happened? >> i do. i think the septa should shut down this line and shuttle bus it. they should shuttle bus it until we find out what happened. what happens if tomorrow or god forbid tonight it happens again. >> the congressman had some strong words. he toured the site today along the mayor of upper


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